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Why Choose Custom Sports Apparel?

As we begin to enjoy the warmer weather throughout Baltimore, many sports teams are excited to head back outside. As practices begin to take place and games are right around the corner, plenty of teams are also starting to consider their sports apparel for the season. Some might notice their uniforms are a bit old or worn out while others might lack sports apparel in general. Instead of choosing a generic shirt from a store, create custom sports apparel with Charm City Screen Print.

Custom sports apparel may not seem like it would make a difference, but it can hold benefits for your team. Custom sports apparel can help your members feel included in the team while also helping to identify your team members easily. Establishing a logo, name, and color will help your team gain recognition instead of blending in with everyone else.

Schools that have obscure mascots or unique color schemes can benefit from custom sports apparel because it allows them to never have to compromise again. If you have a specific dog as a mascot that the store doesn’t care, you would normally be forced to choose something similar. With custom sports apparel, your team is able to create your own mascot image to use for your uniforms. Recreational teams can easily afford custom sports apparel and reuse the shirts for different teams. Custom sports apparel can also help supportive family members and friends easily identify the team and each other.


Charm City Screen Print is your one stop shop for custom sports apparel for your season. Simply visit our online catalog to choose the shirt you would like, and then customize it with the following:

  • Color-Choose from a wide selection of vibrant colors
  • Text- Decide on font, size, color, and placement
  • Design- Send us your own artwork, choose from our gallery, or work with one of our designers to create something new and unique


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