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Why Choose a Company Tee?

When it comes to the dress code of your company, it depends on the message you want to send your clients or customers. If you work is more casual, then a casual dress code can be appropriate. However, if your work is more serious, your dress code should reflect that seriousness. If your staff is required to dress more professional on a day to day basis, help them loosen up with a company tee. A company tee is a way to let your staff relax in their dress while still representing your company.

A company tee can be used in the following ways:

  1. Sporting Events- Show your unity and promote your company with a themed company tee for the event. Include the color of the sports team and a possible logo while also including the name of your business.
  2. Company Dinners- A company tee is a great way to keep your staff casual during dinners and roasts, while still representing your company in a positive way.
  3. Company Trips- Did your team reach a set goal? Do you plan on rewarding them with a fun weekend trip? You can spread the word of your business during these fun trips with a custom company tee.
  4. Charity Events-Does your company have a charity team name they use in different events? Create custom company tees to wear to different charity fundraisers, walks, and other functions.
  5. Conferences- Do you send your team to conferences on occasion to further their training? A company tee can help your team represent their company as well as their dedication to teamwork through a uniformed appearance.

Your company can start the custom tee process with Charm City Screen Print. Our team of designers and techs will work to design custom tee shirts that will fit within the company budget. Charm City Screen Print uses the latest equipment to create custom company tees for all of your company events.

Want to get started with Charm City Screen Print for your custom company tees?  Wish to see what our custom embroidery equipment can do? Give us a call today at 410-592-2394 or visit our online contact page to inquire about beginning a new embroidery project.

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