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What is the importance of having quality Artwork?

Your logo can say a lot about your business.  Impress your customers with an exceptional logo or design and that shows them you care about your image.  They can be confident that the services you offer are reliable and the quality is top notch.  If you are in retail then a great design will certainly help to sell more apparel.

You should only want the best graphic designers to handle your custom designs, and here at Charm City Screen Print that’s what you’ll get, the best!  We use industry leading software from adobe in all stages of our designing process.  We have years of experience with Illustrator and Photoshop that allows our artwork to stand above the competition.

It’s important to know that not all apparel companies are created equal.  You may have the greatest design in the world but if you take it to the wrong company then the screen print or embroidery may not live up to its full potential.

We have the experience necessary to separate or digitize your design.  We’ve made the investment in the best screens the industry has to offer to ensure your tees look as good as possible.  We have award winning digitizers to handle your embroidered designs.  We’ve made it our mission to ensure you you’ll be satisfied with our work.

Embroidery Digitizing and T-shirt color separation is an art that you do not want to leave up to an amateur because the quality of your design is what appeals to consumers. Remember your custom apparel is a mobile billboard. You will want your best professional image to shine and with Charm City Screen Print, you’re in good hands!

We understand that your brand is more than a logo, symbol or name. Your brand is your network of connections, the people that feel connected to your business products, services and ultimately your company. We are here to reflect the strength and quality of your brand in every custom design we produce for you and your business.

Here at Charm City Screen Print we are passionate about bringing your ideas to life.  We take pride in offering exceptional service at a fair price.  We have been so successful in our efforts that there are now other companies emulating what we do right down to our very name.  However, don’t be fooled by imposters.  We are the original Charm City T-shirt Company.

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