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What are the benefits of Gifting Branded Polo Shirts?


Are you searching for ways to make more employees and customers your walking brand ambassadors? You can with embroidered or printed polos.  At Charm City Screen Print you can have branded polo shirts custom designed for your employees and customers alike.

Polo shirts are some of the best apparel gifts because you offer your employees and customers a polished look while increasing the popularity of your business brand.

Polo shirts are very popular apparel because employees and customers prefer gifts of appreciation anytime of the year. Remember your employees and customers are the core of your company. To keep your brand outreach expanding, you need to establish a deep emotional connection with them. When employees and customers are emotionally connected to your business brand, they tend to be proud to wear your brand promotional products.

Making your employees and customers feel valuable, important to your company is the best way for you to get the most out of brand promotional campaigns. You can make them feel extra important with polo shirts.

If you provide your employees and customers with well-polished polo shirts, your company will gain more and more walking advertisement.

Polo shirts are great promotional product gifts because the apparel items are so versatile. Employees and customers can wear branded polo shirts for work and play. They can wear polo shirts with jeans or dress pants.

With the personal touch of your brand on polo shirts, your company name and logo can get great brand recognition on a weekly basis.

You can gift branded polo shirts during company events, trade shows, marathons and holidays to improve your brand recognition.

With our high quality embroidered and printed polos, you will not be disappointed with your branded polo shirts. Excellent aesthetic appeal will inspire your walking brand ambassadors to wear your polo shirts time and time again.

Here are the main advantages of gifting custom polo shirts:

  1. Your employees will appear more professional looking when they wear your company’s custom polo shirts.
  2. Custom polo shirts are fashionable and durable to keep your employees and customers wearing your brand apparel.
  3. You can design your custom polo shirts in any style, material or color.
  4. Polo shirts are available as embroidered or printed polos.

Charm City Screen Print is here to embroider or print your polo shirts with our top of the line equipment and knowledgeable sales force.

For more information about our promotional products and services, browse our website and have a look at samples of our promo products, embroidery and screen-printed designs or contact us at 410-592-2394.

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