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What are the Advantages of using Promotional Products?

Did you know one of the most effective ways to advertise your business is to offer promotional products to your customer base? It’s true. It only takes small acts of gratitude and appreciation to make your business marketing a power house. Promotional products are a great investment for many reasons. One reason is that promotional products are some of the most inexpensive marketing solutions, while offering excellent brand outreach and easy accessibility.

You can order the precise amount of promotional products you need directly online. Here are some ways you can use promotional items to expand your brand outreach:

  1. You can improve your customer retention rates because promotional items are durable  and useful to recipients. That means that consumers can regularly use the products and offer your brand excellent visibility because people interacting with them will see your logo and brand name on the custom products. This could inspire people to ask about your brand and look into your products and services all from seeing someone they know with your promotional products.

  2. You can use promotional products to generate more traffic to your company booth at trade shows. As you may know, trade shows are great ways to spread the word about your business without even leaving your booth. The saying is true: “ If you build it, they will come.”

  3. You can offer promotional products as free samples. It’s a great strategy for introducing new products to the marketing or a branch of your company. Use promotional products to build up your brand awareness. It works like a charm.

  4. Use promotional items for corporate giveaways. Promotional products are perfect for acknowledging milestones  – business achievements, award ceremonies and even the company anniversary.

Bottom line: You will have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression with your customers that truly expands your brand outreach.

Charm City Screen Print is here to help you reap the benefits from using promotional products today.  With only a few promotional items, a family of four could be exposed to your business message 14,000 times or more in just one year because promotional products are tangible, flexible and designed to complement your company’s existing advertising. You can finally have the power to influence your prospective customers without pitching directly to them.

Here are a list of benefits research findings have revealed:

  • According to Dallas Marketing you can generate 3 times the foot traffic to your trade show booth by using promotional products beforehand.

  • You can increase your response rates by 75% simply from using promotional items, according Baylor University Study.

  • The Schreber & Associates have identify that 39% of consumers could remember a brand for six months or more simply from receiving promotional items.

  • According to Baylor University Study, Sales teams receive 22% or more referrals after gifting promotional products.

Let us improve your buyer attention now by taking a look at our line of promotional products.

Here at Charm City Screen Print we are passionate about bringing your ideas to life.  We take pride in offering exceptional service at a fair price.  We have been so successful in our efforts that there are now other companies emulating what we do right down to our very name.  However, don’t be fooled by imposters.  We are the original Charm City T-shirt Company.

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