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The Big 10K – Orders that is :)

The year was 2008. Times were tough, and the economy was the worst it’s been in my lifetime. Despite the harsh economic times, we started this business anyway! We based our company on quality, on-time delivery, and fast turnaround. Some say you can only have two of those three things, but we respectfully disagree. I’m proud to announce a few months ago we printed our 10,000th order!

We’ve grown a lot in the past nine years. We started out with one press and no employees. It was up to my partner and I to handle all the printing, billing, sales, ordering, shipping, artwork, maintenance, etc. We were wearing more hats than are available in our catalog 🙂 Today, we have 10 employees, two presses, top of the line equipment, and just recently, a store front!

The past 9 years have gone by in a blur. A fun blur! We’re excited for the future. Currently we are working on filling our store front and web store with new designs and ideas. The business is always evolving but our core concepts have always been in place, deliver quality, on-time, and fast. We are lucky to have so many customers and we appreciate every one of them. The past 9 years and 10K orders have been fun. We look forward to our next milestone at 15,000.

   Keep us in mind if you, your business, school, or event ever need any apparel. We’d love to work with you!

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