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T-shirts, Our Commitment to Quality

A lot goes into making a quality product. It’s taken years to cultivate our craft to the level it’s at today. Along with experience, having the best tools/equipment at your disposal is a necessity. There are many T-shirt / Apparel providers out there and you’ll notice a difference in quality from company to company. Ask to see some sample prints before taking the plunge. Also, when researching a t-shirt company be sure you’re working direct with the printer. Majority of today’s apparel companies sub the work to businesses like ours. Many times that results in you paying extra for the same t-shirt you could have gotten direct.

We’ve printed millions of t-shirts and have done thousands of orders. The experience we’ve gained through the years is priceless. Each order is a new design, and every design needs to be broken down by color. It sounds simple in theory, but when you have many colors being printed / blended on press at one time the complexity rises exponentially. You need to have a thorough understanding of inks, their viscosity, fabrics, halftones, screen mesh, print order etc… Every company will apply their own understanding to this process and in many cases there is a noticeable difference. Our years of experience has led us to great looking t-shirts that you’ll be excited to receive!

T-shirts do not magically print themselves. (I know you knew that) There is a lot of equipment involved in producing printed apparel. We’ve made the investment in the best the industry has to offer in order to provide some of the finest t-shirts out there. In the art room we use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. Once the artwork is approved & separated its then exposed on our M&R STEII using high tension frames. The high tension mesh combined with the STEII allow for incredible detail with every screen that’s made. After the art is separated and screens are made, the job is registered on press using our M&R Triloc system that ensures accurate / speedy setups with each design. Finally the t-shirts are run on our M&R Automatic Gauntlet and Sportsmen presses and then cured in our 20ft M&R Radicure Dryer. I realize I plugged M&R quite a bit in this article, but that’s because they make the finest equipment the industry has to offer. We are heavily invested in providing the best t-shirts the industry has to offer because that’s what our customers deserve.

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