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Charm City Screen Print is dedicated to providing businesses with apparel for their staff, customers, and company events. We have 1,000’s of items to choose from in our catalog. Anything from T-shirts & Polo’s to Hats & Keychains Charm City Screen Print can provide for you. We’ve invested in the industries best equipment to make sure your apparel comes out looking Amazing!

Company t-shirts and polo’s are a great way to really make your business stand out. Your customers will take notice when you have employees looking professional wearing custom printed t-shirts or embroidered polo’s. First impressions can be everything when it comes to bringing in new clients. Be sure your staff looks their best at all times! Not only are “first impressions” important, but your employees will feel more confident and really a part of the team wearing the Companies t-shirt or polo.

Does your business have company events? Custom t-shirts are a great way to bring the event to the next level! Not only during the event but when your staff/customers wear your companies t-shirt outside of the business they will be walking billboards for all to see. It’s great advertisement and money well spent!

Here at Charm City Screen Print we are dedicated to providing the best products possible. We’ve invested in the best equipment from M&R (the leader in the industry) to be sure the t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo’s etc. that we print look amazing. We are excited about what we do and it shows in our work. If you have a need for custom t-shirts, polos, hats, promotional items etc. Given the chance we won’t disappoint!

Below is a picture of our latest investment. This machine prints the artwork directly on the screen for unbelievable detail. halftones never looked so good!

Want to get started with Charm City Screen Print for your custom company tees?  Wish to see what our custom embroidery equipment can do? Give us a call today at 410-592-2394 or visit our online contact page to inquire about beginning a new embroidery project.

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