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Spring Sports Apparel for Baltimore

The spring season is finally upon us, which has Baltimore residents grabbing their sneakers and running out the door. As the days grow longer and the temperatures get warmer, Baltimore residents of any age are beginning to enjoy their days in the sun, which includes participating in spring sports. When Baltimore residents want to participate in spring sports, they will need spring sports apparel.

There are a number of different sports teams throughout Baltimore that require spring sports apparel for both uniformity and performance. However, the spring sports apparel available to them is older and mediocre. The clothing lacks personality and originality, which is why custom sports apparel is needed for this spring. With custom spring sports apparel, the team, the coaches, and the supporters can be easily distinguished and recognized by other teams and referees.

So how can you create custom spring sports apparel?

  • First determine the type of apparel you would like. Choose from a jersey, t-shirt, polo, or hoodie depending on who the apparel is meant for. You can then choose the size of the piece.
  • Now determine the color scheme of the spring sports apparel. If this is for a school team, choose the colors of your school. If this is for a recreational league, you have more freedom when choosing the colors to represent your team.
  • You can now decide what text to include on the apparel. More than likely you will include the name of the team somewhere on the apparel. You can then include a number, a last name, or a nickname.
  • The final step is to choose the artwork for your spring sports apparel. If the apparel is for a school, you can include your school’s mascot. Recreational teams can create their own mascot or artwork for their teams.


Charm City Screen Print is your one stop shop for custom spring sports apparel for your season. Visit our online catalog to start planning and creating your custom apparel today. We also offer in house designers to help you create a mascot or artwork that is unique for your team and apparel.

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