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Site Surfing is Easy with Charm City Screen Print

At Charm City Screen Print, we believe in providing our customers with quality products at prices that are reasonable, in a way that is easy and efficient to both customer and producer. Our website is here to help our customers learn about our work and choose which products they want with ease. New to our site? Not a problem, site surfing is simple with us! Here are the main pages you should know about:

  1. About Us– Site surfing starts here! Learn about the company you are trusting to create your product! Here is where you learn about the equipment we use and how we became who we are today.
  2. Catalog– Here is where customers learn about the vast selection of products we offer at Charm City Screen Print. Customers can choose from polo shirts, dress shirts, casual shirts, t shirts, fleece & sweatshirts, outerwear, headwear, bags, and accessories. Customers can easily browse our selections and choose from a number of styles for each category.
  3. Promotional Product Catalog – Along with apparel, we also offer customizable promotional products for our customers. Whether you are a coach choosing awards for your team or a boss choosing new calendars for the office, we are sure to have the promotional product you need. Our products are also beneficial for businesses trying to raise awareness for their new opening, or a business event.
  4. Design Online– Charm City Screen Print specializes in the customization of apparel. This is why we provide our customers with the chance to design their products themselves. Customers begin by choosing the style of apparel they wish to customize. They are then able to decide on what color they want their apparel to be. If the customer wishes to add text to their apparel, they are able to pick the font, size, color, and placement of the text. After deciding on the text, customers are able to choose art for the apparel. Customers can upload their own art for the design, choose from our art library, or develop an original design with one of our designers.
  5. What’s Hot– We understand how overwhelming our full catalog can be. That is why we just recently created the What’s Hot page. Here is where customers can browse a select array of items we offer. These include popular items along with some staff favorites.

Have a specific question for us after site surfing? Call us today at 410-592-2394, or visit our contact page.

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