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Promotional Products at your Holiday Party

Now that we have reached the month of November, holiday celebrations are growing even closer. With the holidays comes the ever popular holiday party that most companies hold for their staff. This is a time for higher-ups to show their appreciation for the employees and allows everyone the time to mingle and relax. There are several ways to hold a successful holiday party for your company without going over your budget.

  1. Potluck- Instead of holding your party at an expensive club or restaurant, hold the party at the office and have dinner be a potluck. Higher-ups should provide the main course of the meal while each employee can bring in a side option, dessert, or utensils.
  2. Daytime- Instead of holding your holiday party during the evening, hold the party around noon. Instead of serving dinner, serve lunch and allow your staff the rest of the evening off. This will eliminate spouses and significant others and create a more intimate setting for your holiday party.
  3. Local- Reach out to local businesses you associate with throughout the year to help with your holiday party preparations. Local restaurants, bands, and caterers may be willing to give you a break on price depending on your business relationship.
  4. Contests- Keep your holiday party entertaining and exciting by holding contests. Have an ugly sweater contest; see who could decorate their office space the best, and other fun contests to keep your staff in the holiday spirit while also boosting morale.
  5. Promotional Products- Use promotional products from Charm City Screen Print to reward contest winners as well as say thanks to your entire staff.

At Charm City Screen Print, we offer a full catalog of promotional products for your next company holiday party. From personalized mugs, to awards, to fun office supplies, our promotional products are the perfect addition to your holiday party. Our catalog offer promotional products such as:

  1. Awards
  2. Bags
  3. Mugs and Glasses
  4. Housewares
  5. Office
  6. Travel
  7. Technology

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