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How to keep cool and Brand Promote with Moisture Wicking Tees

Summer is almost here and it’s a great time to revamp your brand promotions with custom apparel. What is one of the best promotional products for summer? The simple answer is custom apparel that keeps consumers cool and stylish. One of the best custom tees you can use for summer promotions is moisture wicking tees because the moisture wicking material is designed to keep people cool.

About Moisture Wicking Tees

Moisture wicking tees are polyester shirts. When it’s hot outside, people want to wear clothing that will keep them cool and dry, without burning a hole in their wallets. With custom wicking tees, you will have the opportunity to promote your company brand with the display of your company logo as well as slogans. The custom apparel can be used to promote products, services and even events. The custom tees will literally wick away the moisture so you will never feel sticky all summer long. It’s a great apparel selection particularly for those that get involved with physical activities such as sports or construction projects. The summer heat can really become a problem, if you are not equipped with the right clothing. Some types of wicking material are waterproof as well for those concerned about sudden summer rainfall. The wicking material can prevent bodies from chafing and protect people from dangerous body temperature changes.The wicking material is also extremely lightweight to improve physical flexibility.

Charm City Screen Print has great moisture wicking tees available on our custom apparel catalog. We also carry moisture wicking polos. Take a look at our catalog to find what you are looking for. Typically, Moisture wicking tees are screen printed while the polos are embroidered.

No matter your preference, you can count on Charm City Screen Print to provide you and consumers fashionable apparel that’s designed to keep bodies comfortable in the heat.

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