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How do I market my business with custom apparel?

Custom  Promotional Products for Baltimore Business

Looking for some extra publicity this holiday season? Then you cannot go wrong with using custom apparel for your business promotional efforts.

Custom apparel can give your brand the marketing boost it needs with four primary marketing tactics.

Here are 3 ways you can make your brand a household name with custom apparel:

1. Offer holiday shoppers free promotional products like t-shirts this holiday season. How can you benefit from giving out free custom apparel? You can give out free custom apparel at holiday festivals and your company events. By giving consumers freebies, you can establish a fan base of walking brand ambassadors that bring value through word of mouth about awesomeness of your business brand. Trust us, the amount you will pay for custom apparel promotional products will pay off. On average, the ROI (return on investment) is double or more.

2. Gift your workers custom apparel so they can market your brand at work and beyond.  Employees that feel proud about the brand they work for make for the best business marketers. The best custom apparel products to gift to employees this time of year are custom t-shirts, jackets and hats. Do you’re best to style your employees from head to toe and you’ll have brand marketers ready to be your brand representatives on the go in no time. Remember employees are some of the most loyal fans you’ll ever come across for brand marketing. Use this information to your advantage.

3. Support your favorite charity for the holiday season.  Get your employees involved in the good cause and notify them to wear you business custom t-shirts and other custom apparel to charity events throughout the holiday season. No one can resist supporting a brand that gives back to the community time and time again. Let giving back be what your brand is known for in the community.

What are you waiting for? This is your time to shine. Custom apparel is more affordable than ever before.

You’ll have the opportunity to select colors, style of clothing and so much more. Get as creative as you like for your business custom apparel. This is how successful clothing lines are born.

With custom apparel, you can cloth toddlers, teenagers and adults of all ages. You can even have custom apparel products tailored for family pets.

You can count on Charm City Screen Print to provide you quality custom apparel and superb customer service just in time for the holidays.

You can count on Charm City Screen Print to help you save time, save money and help you maintain uniformity in your company today with our custom made products and embroidery services.

For more information about our custom promotional product services, browse our website and have a look at samples of our promo products, embroidery and screen-print designs or contact us at 410-592-2394.

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