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Do you need Promotional Products?

A business that is beginning to establish itself within the industry should always pay attention to marketing and different marketing strategies. While most businesses will turn to business cards, flyers, and signs, few dare to attempt using promotional products as a marketing strategy. Custom promotional products are great ways to help market your new business and strengthen the brand you are working to create. Instead of leaving a pile of generic business cards in other local businesses, use promotional products to catch the attention of potential customers. Most promotional products can be customized with your business name, number, and address to help spread the word about your arrival. Larger promotional products can also include the logo of your business to help with brand recognition. Potential customers are more likely to recall your name and logo on a coffee mug instead of a business card or flyer.


Charm City Screen Prints offers an array of promotional products that can be customized with your business logo and name. Our promotional products are arranged by categories that include:

  1. Awards and Recognition
  2. Bags
  3. Drinkware
  4. Tools
  5. Fun
  6. Technology
  7. Writing
  8. Houseware
  9. Meeting
  10. Office
  11. Health and Wellness
  12. Outdoor and Leisure

Promotional products are a great way to help market and brand your business. Instead of spending a large amount of money on one or two billboards, put your budget to a stronger use with promotional products for your new business. Create a custom logo to fit your business while also creating color schemes that can be linked back to your new business to help customers recognize your brand.

Charm City Screen Prints strives to provide quality promotional products for our customers that are affordably priced. We continue to look for new promotional products to add to our catalog so you can better appeal to your target audiences.

To get started with promotional products for your business, contact Charm City Screen Prints today. Click here to receive a free quote on promotion products from our catalog. Have a question about a product? Give us a call at 410.592.2394.

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