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Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing

Are you looking for a way to make your next team competition, company gathering, or family reunion extra special? While there are plenty of ways for your group to coordinate, none are quite as unique as a custom-designed embroidered T-shirt, hat, bag, or jacket from Charm City Screen Print. Custom embroidery lends your item a high-quality, professional look that is sure to impress, and with an expert artistic team working with you, you are guaranteed a design that meets your exact standards.

Custom embroidery can be incorporated into your item’s design in a number of different ways. An embroidered feature could be used to enhance a screen-printed image on a T-shirt and make it stand out. For corporate gatherings or similar events, skip the boring nametag stickers and instead customize a polo shirt or baseball cap for everyone with their name embroidered on the front. It is thoughtful, personalized touches such as these that people will be sure to remember in the future.

Our team of artists can work with you on any kind of project to create a custom embroidery or screen print design for you. When it comes to custom screen print design it’s important to know which elements work well with the selected apparel and which do not. On top of that our artists are able to produce a level of quality that unachievable by most other screen print companies. You can view samples on our home page. Our artists take the same meticulous approach when it comes to custom embroidery design as well; they can work with you to develop a logo, a monogram, an image, and to digitize the design to create something that elevates your overall look to professional and polished.

Are you interested in having a custom embroidery or custom screen print design developed by the top-notch artists from Charm City Screen Print? Give us a call today for more information or to speak with a designer to discuss your options.

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