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Custom Company Tees for Every Occasion

First impressions and appearances are important when it comes to business. Clients won’t be interested in companies that have sloppy or disheveled employees. Most companies encourage a dress code during office hours, usually forbidding causal clothing. This helps to create a professional and uniformed environment within the company. While a professional appearance is encouraged for inside the office, corporate events typically have less stringent rules when it comes to wardrobe. While this is enjoyed by employees, this could hurt the overall image of your company. By using custom company tees for different events, your employees are able to dress casually while also helping to represent the company in a professional light. Custom company tees can be fun and colorful while still providing information about your business. Employees are able to dress casually with custom company tees while being presented as a team. Custom company tees can be used for:

  1. Sporting Events- Baseball, football, and soccer games are great treats for your employees. Show your company spirit by having employees wear a custom company tee to the game.
  2. Company Dinners- Represent your company without trying at bull roasts, crab feasts, and sit down dinners.
  3. Company Trips- Was your team able to reach their goal? As you reward their hard work with a fun weekend trip, let custom company tees help you keep track of everyone while still representing your company.
  4. Charity Events-Does your company enjoy participating charity walks? Show your support for the cause while still representing your company with custom company tees.
  5. Conferences- Will you have employees representing your company at job fairs or conferences? Let potential employees or clients learn about your company with custom company tees.


Your company can start the custom tee process with Charm City Screen Print. Our team of designers and techs will work to design custom tee shirts that will fit within the company budget. Charm City Screen Print uses the latest equipment to create custom company tees for all of your company events.

Want to get started with Charm City Screen Print for your custom company tees?  Wish to see what our custom embroidery equipment can do? Give us a call today at 410-592-2394 or visit our online contact page to inquire about beginning a new embroidery project.

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