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Custom Artwork for Charm City!

When it comes to a skilled screen printing company, there are several reasons why Charm City Screen Print stands out from the rest. One of the main reasons is our amazing artist on site that is able to create custom artwork for our customers. While our competitors might be able to offer artwork for their items, they fail to offer the option to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of work. We also use high tension frames when printing. While the frame might not seem as important to printing, it is essential for creating clear images when printing custom artwork. High tension frames are able to handle large print jobs while never sacrificing the quality of the print. Our competitors use wood and aluminum frames that don’t allow the same quality of print. They also only hold up for small amounts of print jobs and then need to be replaced. Charm City Screen Print also offers two different ways to print that creates the highest quality prints for our customers. Those two types of printing are spot color printing and CMYK printing.

Custom Artwork with Spot Color Printing

  • Creates vibrant colors for the custom artwork.
  • Allows a specific color to be printed multiple times.
  • Allows printing on a large surface.
  • Creates a metallic or fluorescent effect if wanted.

Custom Artwork with CMYK Printing

  • Also known as four color process printing.
  • Separates the custom artwork into the four main color components: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.
  • Allows more than 2 spot colors to be printed.
  • Allows full color photographs to be printed as well.
  • Allows multicolored graphics to be used with custom artwork printing.

Custom Artwork with Charm City Screen Print

Custom artwork can also be printed with Charm City Screen Print through color separation. This breaks down the image into several color components to allow a flawless and clear print. When it comes to custom artwork for custom apparel in Charm City, no one else comes close to Charm City Screen Print.

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