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Why Custom Apparel for your Business?

As business owners begin to build their brand, they are faced with many options. There are several different ways to market a new business and to begin spreading the word about what you have to offer. One of the ways a new business can be marketed is through custom apparel. While custom apparel may seem like a waste of money for a new business, it can actually hold several benefits to help you in your marketing journey.

  • Brand Recognition- Custom apparel can help you establish brand recognition in your business community. Including your business name, slogan, and logo on hats, shirts, and jackets can help potential customers remember and identify your business. If your logo is constantly found on custom apparel, your brand will become easily recognized in the surrounding community.
  • Pride and Support- Custom apparel can help bring your team closer together. Custom apparel can become a fun take on the classic “uniform” and allow your team members to feel united while also feeling unique. Custom apparel can also be given or sold to loyal customers and friends who want to show their support for your new business.
  • Credibility- A business that has custom apparel is more likely to gain credibility than a business that doesn’t. Custom apparel shows a level of care and dedication to your new business that will help bring potential customers to your door.


Charm City Screen Print uses the latest embroidery and screen print equipment to provide our customers with high quality items at reasonable and fair prices. Our in house designers can help you create the desired and unique look for your business. Choose from a number of different shirt, jacket, and other apparel styles to create a look that best represents your new business.

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