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Choosing Embroidery for your Business

Your business means the world to you, and you want to do anything and everything to make it stand out from competition. Having a strong logo and a solid brand identity is necessary for this to happen. Once you know the public’s view of the company, your brand takes form. The logo is then recognized where your product is distributed.  To keep up with the ever-changing market, you must make sure consumers are aware of your product or service. A great way to achieve this is to implement your logo on the product or, for service workers, the uniform. There are three reasons why using embroidery services can retain your company’s image.

  1. 1.       Maintain the brand.

This is a key to outsmarting your competition. Use custom embroidery services to create unique uniforms that make your company stand out. People will start to recognize your logo and associate the quality of service they receive with the brand.

  1. 2.       Keep it professional.

Some might say that wearing embroidered apparel is cheesy, but that is only if you have it done by a lousy company! Pick quality materials and have a professional name and/or logo. This way, your employees will look qualified and skilled in a common uniform.


  1. 3.       Build trust.

Picture a man dressed in jeans, black sneakers and a plain gray sweatshirt, walking into your home ready to fix your plumbing problem. Now imagine another man walking in, dressed in a button down shirt with the logo of the plumbing company, black pants, and black sneakers. Which one would you trust to leave alone in your home? Both men are strangers, yet we tend to associate company uniforms with trustworthiness. Having a custom embroidered uniform gives the appearance that the business oversees its employees and places trust in them to uphold the company’s values and standards.

If your brand takes off, the consumers in that market will cling to the logo. Custom embroidery services should be used to throw the company name and logo into the community in hopes to create a strong brand identity and loyalty to the brand.

Charm City Screen Print uses the latest embroidery and screen print equipment to provide our customers with high quality items at reasonable and fair prices. Our in house designers can help you create the desired and unique look for your business. Choose from a number of different shirt, jacket, and other apparel styles to create a look that best represents your new business.

Want to start marketing your Baltimore business with our custom apparel services? Call us at Charm City Screen Print today at 410-592-2394. You can also visit our contact page.



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