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Business Benefits of Charm City Screen Print


Whether you are opening a new local business or you are simply giving your current business a facelift, you want to get the word out about your business. Spreading the word about your business is a great way to gain new customers and increase the success of your business. While many business owners will pay large amounts of money for advertisement, there are easier and more financially reasonable ways to spread the word of your business. Charm City Screen Print offers services in custom screen printing, custom embroidery, and custom promotional products. Each of these services can benefit your business in their own way.

  1. Custom Screen Printing- When you create a custom uniform through our screen printing services, you are setting your staff apart from the rest of the crowd. A colorful t-shirt with general information regarding your business will help customers remember your name. Unique shirts will also enable a customer to find staff easily, which makes for positive customer feedback. Custom t-shirts through our screen printing services also make great retail items for valued and loyal customers.
  2. Custom Embroidery- Our custom embroidery services are perfect for making custom jackets and hoodies for your staff to wear outside of the workplace. Custom outerwear is also perfect to help identify workers during outdoor jobs. Employees can be easily identified while still spreading the word about your business, without the need to be at the business location.
  3. Custom Promotional Products- Custom promotional products are great ways to show staff and customers you appreciate them. Our vast catalog includes items from pens to bags to mugs. Let your valued customers leave your business with an item that is not only useful, but will effectively help them remember a positive experience at your establishment.

Charm City Screen Print uses the latest embroidery and screen print equipment to provide our customers with high quality items at reasonable and fair prices. Our in house designers can help you create the desired and unique look for your business.

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