• The Big 10K – Orders that is :)

    The year was 2008. Times were tough, and the economy was the worst it’s been in my lifetime. Despite the harsh economic times, we started this business anyway! We based our company on quality, on-time delivery, and fast turnaround. Some… Read More

  • Summer Event T-Shirts! Races, Reunions, Concerts, Festivals, We’ve Got You Covered!

    The warm weather is approaching (hopefully) and with it comes Summer Events.  T-shirts, Hats, Polos, etc. are great ways to promote your occasion, whatever it may be.  The good news is we are geared specifically for this purpose.  Here at… Read More


    That time of year is drawing near.  The cold will soon be gone.  Halleluiah!  Employees and Customers everywhere will begin to ask “Where are our new t-shirts?”  Don’t Fret, Charm City Screen Print has you covered.  We have an endless… Read More


    This month marks a new venture for us.  Mass Email Marketing!  I’m sure the thought of it makes people cringe, and prepared to hit the delete key.  However, our ultimate goal is to help you, our customers.  Through this program… Read More

  • Custom Hoodies and Jackets for Winter

    The first day of winter is right around the corner and everything is about to freeze. The days are darker and the smell of snow is in the air. So if you’re one that constantly works or plays outdoors all… Read More

  • Custom T-shirts, Screen Print, Embroidery & Everything Else

    Custom T-shirts, Screen Print, Embroidery & Everything Else Look around, almost every garment is Printed or Embroidered with some sort of logo.  T-shirts, Hats, Jackets, Vests, Hoodies, Pants, you name it, chances are it’s been Printed or Embroidered.  Here at… Read More

  • Tips On Starting A Clothing Line

    FYI to All New Clothing Lines, You want to start a clothing line! Well that’s great, but are you dedicated? Having a clothing line isn’t just about making lots of money and becoming famous. It’s difficult, very difficult; actually, if… Read More

  • Ordering Custom Screen Print & Embroidery is Easy!

    Ordering Custom Screen Print & Embroidery is easy.  Read this quick blog to better understand our process and who we are. Our staff enjoys the world of screen printing and embroidery. We live and breathe it! There is always something… Read More


    Seven years have passed since we’ve first opened our doors.  A Lot of fun has been had and time has flown by!  We’ve printed thousands of t-shirts for businesses, schools, non-profits, you name it, and we’ve printed or embroidered it. … Read More

  • T-shirts, Our Commitment to Quality

    A lot goes into making a quality product. It’s taken years to cultivate our craft to the level it’s at today. Along with experience, having the best tools/equipment at your disposal is a necessity. There are many T-shirt / Apparel… Read More